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If you are thinking of training with us we would first like to say thank you. We are serious about training; however we do make it fun and enjoyable with a personable environment.


RTBV Training are members of A.D.S.I. Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors and this is the Code of the Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors

  • I am committed to the safety of my students, and hold that the expected benefit of any training activity must significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity.
  • I believe that it is my responsibility to understand not just what I am teaching, but WHY I am teaching any technique or concept, or offering specific advice.
  • I recognize that defensive shooting skills, along with the drills and gear used, are inherently specialized and usually distinct from those of target shooting, competition and hunting endeavors.
  • I will encourage my students to ask questions about course material, and I will answer them with thorough and objective explanations.
  • I understand that Integrity and Professionalism are subjective traits and I strive to maintain high levels of both. I am capable of, and willing to, articulate the reasons for the way I conduct my courses and how I interact with students & peers.
  • I believe that it is valuable to engage my peers in constructive conversation about differences in technique and concept, with the goal of mutual education and evolution.
  • I believe that the best instructor is an avid student, and I will strive to continually upgrade my own skills and knowledge. As part of this belief, I understand that my own teachings need to be subject to critique and open to evolution.

If you are thinking of training with us we would first like to say thank you. We are serious about training; however we do make it fun and enjoyable with a personable environment.

Our Story

How this company was formed and looking back at the road that got us here is an interesting story. Let’s back up a bit before that. A little history on myself, I fired my first gun at 4 years old which was a 4-10 single shot shotgun and I loved it. The 4-10 was my older brother’s 6th birthday present and I received the same gift 18 months later on my 6th birthday. You could say my passion for guns started at a very young age.

After graduating high school in 1994 I wanted to go into the Marines, but at the hands of a drunk driver I suffered permanent injury to my lower back and was unable to serve. I went into the welding field but was not completely satisfied, I did enjoy welding but not as a career. I started doing security part time for local night clubs in Richmond, VA which turned into team and one on one protection work for band members and VIP’s.

Having a love for firearms I would always teach friends and clients how to shoot and defend themselves. This grew into a whole new area for me since you don’t wait till bad things happen before you start to find out who is looking to do harm to your client. With the laws changing on the private industry I became a registered Private Investigator and a Personal Protection Specialist Agent though the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Along with that I became Handgun, Advance Handgun, Shotgun and Patrol rifle certified though the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

During a court case, it was questioned who I was certified to teach firearms through. With all the firearms training I had, I had never taken a firearms course to certify myself as an instructor. I had been showing people how to use firearms for over 10 years professionally, but I had no certifications as an instructor. Many hours of classroom and range time later, I was a NRA certified instructor for the following Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and a RSO (Range Safety Officer).

Self Defense

With teaching these types of classes for two years we, as a company, have come to realize these are not the type of classes our students want or need to be able to use a firearm to defend themselves. Standing still shooting at a paper target is great and fun but not realistic for real life self-defense.

With the knowledge I have gained with years as a Personal Protection Agent, taking firearms courses, and working with some of the best instructors in the United States we have evolved and put together four firearm courses to take you from a beginner to a confident defensive shooter. Check out or Training Page to learn more about the classes offered. We also host some of the top instructors in the United States right here in Virginia on our private range. If you have any questions at all, please email or give us a call.