Author: Chris Dill

12 Jul National Firearms Act

We as free Americans should not have to register items period. We will explain what the terms all mean and how it has gotten to where it is today from where it started over 100 years ago. How other countries that ban certain things will...

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28 Jun Thinking Of Getting A Gun

[podcast][/podcast] I’ve Been Thinking About Getting A Gun The show Topics I just want to have a gun for the home. I just want to keep a gun in the car. I need to on body carry. On this week on Radford and Reese we're going to be discussing “I’ve been thinking...

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21 Jun Show 2: Agree To Disagree

On this week of Radford and Reese we are going to be discussing “agree to disagree” why my way is right and your way sucks. This all has to do with the training, and the training environments surrounding different schools. How one school will say...

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