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14 Jun Introduction Show


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Welcome to the Radford And Reese Awe Shoot Show! “We want to expand awareness to the gun culture and non-firearm owners of the gun culture and the resources that are available to them.  Our main goal with the show is to inform the public about their options outside of what the mainstream media says about guns. The mindset that it’s not the tools that win the fight, but it is being prepared and informed and often carrying tools with in just in case.” -Radford, RTB Training

Show Topics:

  • Why sometime we in the firearms community are our own worst enemy discussing the Chipotle open carry topic.
  • Why training is important.
  • Why do swat teams need an armored vehicle?

If you are a gun owner, gun lover, and enjoy your freedom to learn more about guns, then this is the show to you. We field questions and answer them on the show, please use the form on the right to ask away!

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