Thinking Of Getting A Gun

28 Jun Thinking Of Getting A Gun


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I’ve Been Thinking About Getting A Gun

The show Topics

  • I just want to have a gun for the home.
  • I just want to keep a gun in the car.
  • I need to on body carry.

On this week on Radford and Reese we’re going to be discussing “I’ve been thinking about getting a gun.” Going to break that down to what it means and go through the whole aspect of it. Some people believe just having a fireman the home is good enough. Others believe having one in the home and possibly having one in the glove box or trunk of your car is all you need to make the boogie man go away.

We are going to dissect the different needs of the individuals and show that why you may think you don’t have the same needs as someone else if you are truth with yourself you will be surprised as to what you really need. We look forward to you listening to this week’s show.

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